Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Boom!

Are you in Ottawa? Do you plan on attenting Baby Boom this weekend, the annual everything-from-prenatal-t0-preschool-show? Stop by and say 'hello'! We're scored the sweetest spot at the show, we're #1 (booth #1, that is)! We brought a small sampling of the goodies we offer at the store, including the latest and greatest -- from Rockin' Green Soap and pail powder, to our expanding selection of stainlees steel food containers.

Looking for a deal? We'll have a deal section, but in limited quantities (my brother is kind enough to watch 75% of our crew while we're in Vegas with Gracie, I didn't want to make too much work for him, he's also tearing down our booth!). What's on sale?
  • Sleepy Wraps, regular price $50.00, on sale for $40.00
  • CountrySave, regular price $11.99, on sale for $9.99
  • Mini-showers, regular price $48.00, on sale for $45.00
  • Baby cubes, regular price $7.49, on sale for $5.75
  • Safe Sippy cups, regular price $16.50, on sale for $12.00
  • Foogo straw cups, regular price $20.00, on sale for $15.00

Interested in using cloth diapers, but you don't know where to start? This year we've made up some sample kits that contain everything you need to give it a go. We created two versions, a one-size (8-35 lbs) and a small (8-15 lbs) kit. Each kit contains a selection of three diapers, a sample of Wonderwash detergent (18 loads), a magnet with washing instructions, and a troubleshooting guide. They are packaged in Thirsties duffel totes, and each one contains a gift certificate worth at least $5.00 (for the small kit) and at least $10.00 (for the one-size kit). We've thrown a few higher value gift certificates into the mix, but you won't know the value until you redeem it -- how fun is that? The kits are priced at $79.00 and $49.00, you're saving $17.00-$21.00 off the regular price.

We have a ballot box at the booth, we're giving away a Thirsties newborn gift set, valued at $65.00. Limited entries, we're only accepting 90 names for the draw. Don't forget to follow along my ABC show trip, I'll be giving away lots of goodies as we receive them... I wish I could be at Baby Boom myself, but Vegas is a close second!

susie ;)


  1. Woo-Hoo Baby Boom was hopping today! Especially at the # 1 booth - Extraordinary Baby Shoppe - a new sales book had to be purchased 1/2 way through the day! The BB organizers said the CD workshop was the best attended workshop/lecture they have EVER seen at baby boom... you must have had a very talented and gifted orator, LOL. Hope you are having fun in Vegas Baby!

    M ;)

  2. Mary, I wish I could have been there, I really enjoy Baby Boom (though I didn't enjoy it last night, lol). I knew you'd nail it!

    susie ;)

  3. I was at the Baby Boom Show and somehow missed the booth! How disappointing. Hope you're having lots of fun at the Vegas show and looking forward to seeing the new items you bring back!