Sunday, September 20, 2009

And the winners are....

A lot of you were kind enough to follow and post comments about my recent journey to ABC in Las Vegas... I promised I'd come back with goodies, and I have 3 gift bags ready to go... nothing extravagent, there are diapers, music CDs, and an assortment of other little goodies to be had, I've also thrown in a $10.00 gift certificate for each recipient... and the winners are (drumroll please):

- Belinda T.-- because you flat-out asked for one, lol, I admire your directness!
- Starrinite -- you were the last commenter in the whole Flip/Econobum debate, I found everyone's answers helpful, I just had to pick one!
- Nikki -- that's a random selection, no rhyme or reason!

Please contact me through the website's "contact us" form to arrange how you're going to get the gift bags. If you're not local, I can mail them.

susie :)