Saturday, January 27, 2018

Closed from January 29th - February 9th!

The usual challenges of being a small retail business in January and February have been amplified this year by a major flood in early January, followed by an upcoming closure due to some major renovations that require our landlord to open our ceiling and outside wall. 

We are hopeful that we can reopen at some point during that period in the evenings or on the weekend (while the plumbers aren't working) so we can generate some revenue, but failing that, we're going to do our best to encourage our regulars to shop with us for the next couple of weeks while we weather this little storm.

Faustina at Fabrications and Patti at Tag Along Toys have graciously allowed us to leave orders at their stores for pick-up.  To take advantage of these local pick-up options, place an order on our website and indicate in the cart's comments section which location you would like to pick your order up from.  You will not be charged S&H, and we'll contact you as soon as your package is ready for pick-up. 

If you would prefer to have your order shipped directly to your home,  we've lowered our free S&H threshold to $50.00 (and if you're located between Little Italy and Westboro, we're happy to hand-deliver your order to your door, free of charge!).

As challenging as the next couple of weeks will be, it will be nice to have a two week break from running the store. Although I've taken vacations over the years, the reality is that the store is constantly on my mind, regardless of whether I'm physically there or not.  Worst-case scenario, we will have zero sales over the next couple of weeks, and our bank overdraft will float us until we are able to reopen.  But not having to worry about crappy weather, and the crappy parking it brings with it at this time of year, will be a relief.  When we reopen, there will a light at the end of the tunnel because March will be just around the corner.

If you need to get in touch over the next couple of weeks, feel free to e-mail me, or send a message through our Facebook business page.  We appreciate your support during this time, and we look forward to getting back to 'business as usual'.  As soon as we know whether or not we can reopen on a part-time basis in the next two weeks, we'll update our Facebook page.  Until then, catch you on the flip side!

- susie ;)