Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Product Comparison: AMP duo pocket diaper and Fuzzibunz perfect-size pocket diapers

If you've been to our stores, you know we sell a lot of diapers. Many new parents are overwhelmed when they walk through our doors, they come in expecting to see flats, pins, and pull-up pants (believe it or not, they do), most are shocked at the selection (we sell more in our stores than what you see online -- one more reason to come visit us IRL!).

We currently stock two brands of sized pocket diapers, AMP duo pockets and Fuzzibunz perfect-sized pocket diapers. So here is a breakdown of each diapers' pros and cons.

AMP duo pocket diapers have been manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba for several years by Annie Marie Padorie. Fuzzibunz diapers have been around for ten years (an eon in the cloth diaper industry!), they were originally manufactured in the USA, but they have recently moved manufacturing to China.
With respect to the moniker "duo pockets" the idea is that they can be used as a pocket diaper or a cover. To be honest, any pocket diaper can be used as a cover if you feel like it, but I don't really see why you would. If you want a cover, buy a cover, and pay a cover price, not a pocket diaper price. There, so we got that out of the way!

As far as sized pocket diapers go, I have to say, the AMP duo pocket offers a nice fit, especially on newborns (small AMP diapers fit from 7-18 lbs). Fuzzibunz perfect-size diapers in size small are supposed to fit from 8-18 lbs, but in our experience, they run a little large. The large AMP duo pockets fit from 15-35 lbs. On a note related to fit, the AMP diapers have elastic gathering in the front of the diaper, which prevents gaping at the belly. A very nice touch that allows for a great fit on babies with a skinny belly. Large diapers fit from 15-35 lbs, so the AMP duo pocket diaper system requires the purchase of only 2 sizes. Fuzzibunz have three sizes, as mentioned previously, size S fits from 8-18 lbs, size M fits from 15-30 lbs, and size L fits from 25-40+ lbs. Most babies potty train out of size M (roughly 2.5 years old), so realistically, most parents only purchase two sizes of Fuzzibunz perfect-fit diapers.
The pocket opening in the AMP diaper's pocket opening is envelope-style (covered with a flap), so the insert will not poke out. Fuzzibunz pockets are not covered, so you may have to tuck the insert down sometimes. Another thing different about the AMP duo pocket opening is its placement at the front of the diaper, no need to worry about poop getting in the pocket (the pocket opening is located at the back of the Fuzzibunz diaper, although you should be able to just shake the insert into your diaper pail at a diaper change, no touching required!).

You have the option of purchasing AMP pocket diapers empty ($18.00 each), Fuzzibunz perfect size pocket diapers are sold together with a 4-layer microterry insert ($23.95), which is thicker than the standard microterry insert (usually 3 layers). AMP makes a nice bamboo insert ($6.00 when purchased together with the diaper, $8.00 when purchased alone) that can be used as a pocket stuffer, or trifolded and laid in the diaper a la cover/prefolds style. Their bamboo inserts are super-duper trim, and super-duper thirsty (n fact, they're a great addition to any night-time diaper!!

Since Fuzzibunz have been around for over 10 years now, it's a well-known brand, which can affect (boost!) resale value. If you skim the local used ads (Kjiji, UsedOttawa, Craigslist), it's not uncommon to find people looking for used Fuzzibunz diapers. Keep them in good shape, and you can expect to sell them for at least half of their retail value!

So there you have it. Any other questions? Let me know! If you'd like to try them both out, purchase one of each and use coupon code SIZEDPOCKETS to obtain free S&H. We're pretty confident that you'll like one of them, so we'll include a $5.00 gift certificate in your order, to be applied to any future purchase at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. Shopping in-person? We'll sweeten the deal, buy one of each diaper and receive (2) $5.00 gift certificates to be applied to any future purchase at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. Offer valid through August 6th, 2009.


  1. I used FB size small from 9lbs to 15lbs (5 months old). At that point my daughter's legs were so chunky that we had to switch to medium. She's 10 months and 19 lbs now, and they still fit great. We're really hoping to potty train right out of the mediums.
    I've found them to be great diapers and I'd buy them again. I prefer microterry inserts to trifold bamboo. I have a couple of them (though they are not made by AMP) as doublers, and i find they are very stiff when wet. The AMP pocket diaper sounds great though. Made in Canada is a definite plus.

  2. I tried out the AMP for the first time with the promotion. Ive used PS FB before. I really like the AMP. I love how it fits around the legs. I also find you get a better fit with the AMP compared to the FB. I find PS FB on the larger side, especially when you go from a small to a medium- I there is a huge difference. I like the Bamboo insert but do prefer the microfiber, simply because once you fold the Bamboo into a small AMP, your diaper is huge! An AMP with a microfiber would be a great pocket diaper. I also love, as everyone has mentioned, the fact that the AMP is a Canadian diaper, opposed to one made in China. :)