Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do you sell a package?

We get asked this question on a daily basis, and while it might be an easy way to make a couple hundred of bucks, we've decided against stocking any cloth diaper packages for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost, one of the great things about our shop is the selection -- what fun is a boring old box of one type of diaper? Where's the fun in that? OK, that's one of the reasons, but not *the* reason.

The main reason we don't stock a package is that we want you to be happy with your purchase. The second we sell a 'package', it's an all-or-nothing deal. You don't like what you bought? Too bad, it's a package, they're all yours (imagine buying a bag of Pampers, and trying to return a box, minus the one that caused a blowout?). We would rather you're happy with your purchase. Buy 2 dozen prefolds, if you're not sure, wash and use 6 of them. If you hate them (you won't), you can return what wasn't washed.

In terms of the selection, since we offer so many styles and brands, it would be too hard to put together any kind of package. Perhaps you want to use mostly prefolds, but you want a few one-size pockets to add to the mix. Or maybe you plan on using sized pocket diapers as the bulk of your stash, but for overnight, you want to use natural fibres with a wool cover for breathability. There is no way we could start putting together packages that will make everyone happy. You've got to figure out what works for you, and you have to build a stash around your needs. And you know that picking the colors is half the fun, you just won't admit it!

There's also the issue of some cloth diaper packages containing items you just don't need. If you're exclusively breastfeeding your baby, you don't *need* paper liners, but you may be paying for them in that nifty package you've been eyeing... save that money for something you can actually use, like a wetbag, or a Starbucks (come on, you know you deserve it!).

Finally, some sage words of advice, if you're dying to buy a package, don't (don't!) buy something that includes everything you need from potty training to birth. The large expense of that type of purchase aside, you run the risk of falling out of love with what may initially work for you. It's not at all uncommon to switch diaper styles -- perhaps your baby has developed rolly-polly thighs that those Kissaluvs just won't accommodate, or you thought you were a prefold gal, but pockets are more your gig. Whatever the reason, assuming you'll love something forever is a risk (Elizabeth Taylor will back me up here!). So approach any cloth diaper purchase with caution, and have fun finding out what works for you.

You're welcome!

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