Thursday, July 23, 2009

It works... it really works!

OK, so I'm getting a little bored of blogging about cloth diapers. Can you even believe it? So I'm going to blog about something I started using recently with Grace, completely unrelated to cloth diapers, or even my store (shock! horror!).

So here it is -- a tip about using something not for its intended purpose, but finding out it works well.

These silicone sno cone cups are absolutely *brilliant* for teaching a baby how to drink from a cup! I don't have to tilt it far to get the liquid into her mouth, and I can pinch it together so that when she drinks from it, it's a small lip. I can also easily see where the liquid is, so that I don't end up tilting it too far and dumping juice all over her. We bought them at Target (tar-jay!) on a trip to the US (yes, we do use them as sno cone cups as well!). I would bet that if you've got a younger baby who won't drink out of a bottle or a sippy, this would do the trick (Grace was just under a year old when I started letting her drink out of these -- obviously I hold it for her!).

So there it is folks. So do you have any tips to offer up? Give us a good tip, and we'll send you a $5.00 gift certificate in return, just because we like good tips (I'm sorry, 'never eat yellow snow' doesn't count!). One gift certificate/person/purchase who posts a tip. Come on, wow me with your ideas!


  1. OK, I've got another one (yes, I'm talking to myself!). The 125 ml Bernadin mason jars are great for kids snacks, specifically anything that might leak (yogurt, apple sauce, etc.). The 20 oz Built NY drink totes make a great insulating sleeve for them (holds 3, stacked), insulates them, and keeps them from banging around. Great for kids lunches!

  2. Heres one related to cloth diapering. I use the microfiber cleaning cloths (found at most dollar stores) at night time. I wrap a microfiber insert and a hemp insert together with the dollar store cleaning cloth. Helps with absorbancy and with keeping everything nicely together inside the pocket diaper. (The dollar store cleaning cloths should not be placed against your babies skin, only inside of a pocket)

  3. Okay, I have 3, all related to a toddler! 1st, is FREE! I picked up 2 sets of paint chips from Home Depot, one in a Mickey Mouse Shapes, the other square.
    My 2nd is to do with bribery – face it, we have all had to do this! As my second pregnancy neared 8 months, my almost 2 y/o was impossible to change! I researched the best, no additives/no sugar vitamins I could find and bought the kind she gets 3x a day – that is 3 bribes (when needed)! And now, they make great rewards – up to three times a day! I know, you’re not supposed to use food as a reward – but I’m just trying to make it though sometimes!
    My last is my extra small – new house/ subdivision backyard (Not like the one of my childhood)! We wanted it all, kiddie pool, play set, sand box, garden, patio set... but alas, no extra $$$ and no room if we want to see some grass! I took my long flat wrapping paper tote (with lid) outside and filled it with one bag of sand! It covers easy – my daughter can do it, and clean up is a cinch since there is not enough room for her to sit in the sand!

  4. Paint chips explained: We play matching games and memory games with them!

  5. The little hooks on the Snappis are great for getting fluf out of velcro. Just pull it across. Works great on diaper tabs, shoes, etc.

  6. Ok I thought about this while I was cleaning the lint out of all my velcro diaper tabs - great tip, I love it. And here are my two:
    1. nipple butter makes great lip gloss and its one less thing to remember to pack on outings.
    2. My daughter protests much less when I wipe her nose with a flannel receiving blanket than a tissue - good for baby and the earth!

  7. Thanks for all your great tips! Please contact me at to arrange for your $5.00 gift certificate (I need to know if you'll be using it in-person, or online). Thanks again,

    susie ;)