Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We stock stocking stuffers!

We stock stocking stuffers!
We stock stocking stuffers!
We stock stocking stuffers!

Say that three times fast, eh?

December 1st has come and gone, and if there was doubt before, you know we are full-on in the yuletide season now, knee-deep in garland, up to the eyeballs in wishlists, drowning in decorations! OK, so perhaps a tad dramatic, but you all know that with the warm and fuzzies that come with those first few flakes of snowflakes, there is also a sense of dread at what must be accomplished in the next three weeks. Fortunately, we never took down our Christmas tree last year, so we are actually quite on top of things. January 1st came and went, we kept putting it off, and before we knew it, embarrasingly late turned into perfectly punctual... who knew things would eventually swing in our favor???

One of my favourite Christmas-time traditions is putting together our family stockings, it's always fun to discover goodies that I know the kids will enjoy. I made the mistake last year of giving Grace some treats from the Shoppe, this year, I'll have to be a little more careful, my oldest daughter made the connection immediately! Of course, just because I can't shop at the Shoppe doesn't mean *you* can't shop at the Shoppe!

So, what are our top 10 stocking stuffers? What would I buy as stocking stuffers if I could shop at my own shop?

Jamtown Musical Instruments - made in fair trade, these hand-crafted indigenous instruments are ideal for little hands!

Babies Go CDs ($18.00) - what Dad (or Mom) wouldn't want to rock out to KISS, Depeche Mode, the Rolling Stones, and more with his baby? The Babies Go collection takes the melody of a classic rock song and mellows it out for junior.

Babylegs ($15.00) - what can I say, they're practical and fun, ideal for layering in the winter months.

Montgomery Mites - these little wooden cars are a hit! Made in Vermont, they boast solid construction, and at only $4.25 a pop, you can buy more than one to share the fun!

Snug as a Bug mitt clips ($5.95) - are you tired of losing junior's mitts? Keep them handy where they belong, one clip on the mitt, one clip on junior's coat sleeve...

Padraig wool slippers ($20.00 - $30.00) - pure luxury for your little one's toes, these slippers have been hand-knit in North Vancouver for almost 30 years!

Heimess wooden grasping toys ($14.00 - $20.00) - made in Germany, but reasonably-priced, great for babies aged four months and up.

Teething jewellery ($14.99 - $18.00)- we have a nice selection of both amber and hazelwood necklaces, both of which can make teething a little easier on junior, and they're cute to boot!

Maya wrap doll slings ($11.00) - little ones like to mimic Mommy, a pint-sized ring sling is a great way to tote around a teddy bear.

Gaia Baby Starter Kit - a nice gift for a mom-to-be, introduce her to the goodness of the Gaia skincare line, this kit includes basic items that will nourish, nurture and gently care for your little one's skin.

As tempting as it is, I don't dare bring anything home from work this year, and as the kids get older, they get harder to buy for! Have you started your shopping yet? Found any goodies you'd like to share? Post them here! Have any warnings about gifts bought in the past that turned out to be duds? Post your warnings here! Nothings sucks like the letdown of a gift-gone-bad!


  1. Score: personalized calendars from -- hopefully this will quell the constant quest for pictures from a certain family member (be nice, Susie!), although I kindasorta doubt it.

    Dud: Crazy Forts. My husband insisted on buying this last year, despite my repeated protest. Piece of junk (or, to be more accurate, about 80 pieces of junk!), the only activity this set delivers is the constant picking-up-of-parts (by you). Do. Not. Buy!

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Crazy Fort! I had my eye on it but do not want to be on my hands and knees all day long!

    I will for sure be coming in for some stocking stuffers though :D

  3. FYI - the Montgomery Mites fit on Thomas and Brio tracks (learned that from the tour we took at the factory - thanks for the tip Susie).

    I always put a toothbrush in the stocking (this year I will even put toothpaste) - my kids seem to like this one.