Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And so it begins!

Boys, that is. Specifically, a boy calling a girl in our house. It seems early, but when I think back to when I was Maddy's age, I was definitely crushing on boys in Grade five -- Maddy is in Grade four, so I suppose it shouldn't come as a shock that boys no longer have 'cooties'. Quite the opposite in fact, Maddy has recently informed us that she only plays soccer at school to 'get boys'. Nice.... we're in trouble!

For the past few weeks, Maddy has been the recipient of a rash of phone calls from one particular boy. We're talking every 20 minutes, it's both sweet and sort of desperate at the same time. Initially, Maddy was cool on the phone, when she picked up, she'd ask "What are you calling me for anyway?", I'd be chastising her in the background, "Be nice!" These phone calls never last more than a few minutes, after all, there's not much to talk about when you're nine or ten years old and you've already spent the better part of the day together, and I suppose when you're calling every 20 minutes, there's generally no 'news' to report.

It's interesting to see how confident Maddy is at talking to a boy, at thirty-six years old, I don't have her chutzpah! She outright told B today "I know you like me", it was a bold move on her part, but it paid off, he confirmed as much (well, no duh!). Of course, even with this admission, nothing will come of it, there will be no 'dating' in this house for several years to come, Maddy informed B that he will have to 'wait for her' until she's 14 years old.

While 14 years old seems like it's light years away, I know it's really just around the corner, considering how lightning-fast we got from her birth to today -- it feels like the blink of an eye! I'm happy that her first interaction with a boy was a positive one, I'm glad I'm not tending to a broken heart just yet. I can remember the crushing defeat of liking a boy, and not having those feelings returned. My first brush with unrequited love came in Grade five when the object of my affection turned his attention to the new girl in school (Paul Coffell, are you out there? *This* could have been all yours!). It may be too early to predict, but I have a feeling Maddy (unlike her mother) will be the one breaking hearts when the time comes -- only time will tell!


  1. Go Maddy!
    That was a sweet blog post.

  2. Adorable and scary, all at the same time. Time flies by so quickly! Seems just yesterday I was in Jr High mooning over a boy (who, in hindsight, was likely mooning over boys as well ;)).

    Love to hear how confident she is -- that's great! :)