Monday, March 15, 2010

Mabel's Labels Blogher '10 Contest entry

Seriously? The end of the Internet? Geesh, just as we were becoming such good friends! Oh, how I will miss you!

No more shopping in my pyjamas. My personal hygiene habits will require a serious upgrade.

No more googling random facts that don't really enrich my life, but they certainly make me feel a heckuvalot smarter! Did you know dalmations are born without spots? Neither did I.

No more People of Wal-mart. I can't stop looking. Can't. Stop. Looking.

No more Facebook-stalking the bitchy head cheerleader from high school who has five kids, is divorced, and doesn't fit into her cheerleading outfit anymore (I'm just sayin').

No more self-diagnosing every abnormal bodily function (my own, my husband's, and our children's), we might actually have to visit our doctor for a tune-up every once in a while.

No more simply 'liking' my friend's Facebook updates and photos, I'll have to pick up the phone to find out what's new, or visit them to see what they look like.

No more surfing the celebrity gossip sites to see what’s going on with Brad, Angie, and Jennifer. I’ll need to find another way to fill my time, maybe reading a book, or (God forbid) working out (the horror, the horror!).

Hmmm. That’s weird. Come to think about it, everything might turn out OK after all!

This is me, throwing my hat in the ring -- the winner of this contest earns a trip to Blogher in August, and a 1-year writing contract. I've never been to NYC, and I like writing. 'nuff said! Honestly, I think if the Internet ground to a halt, life would go on. Seriously, it would!


  1. Life would go on, but we'd have to teach our kids how to use the encyclopedia and would forever be in the dark whether or not "that guy" was in "that movie, you know, *that* movie". ;)

  2. I know, lol, I helped Maddy with a school project last week, and doing projects now vs. when we were kids.... soooo different! I logged many hours at our local library when I'd have a paper due, I can't see kids doing that anymore....

    For me though, the Internet is a huge timesuck, I do not spend my time wisely b/c of it...

    susie ;)

  3. I do "fly-bys" with the computer. It's in the middle of our downstairs and always on -- I'll stop and make/check tweets/email on my way from point A to point B. ;)

  4. Maybe I'm in the minority, but my life would be COMPLETELY different now without the internet... I met my husband online, we bought a house together that we found online, went on vacations together that we discovered online, and then had a baby. I joined a "mommy group" online once I had that baby and I met my best friend through that group.

    What a different life this would be!