Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's new at the Shoppe?

Hello hello! Since our dollar has been a little stronger, I've been on a buying frenzy! We've got a lot of great new items coming our way, here's a sneak-peak!

You love wetbags. I mean, you all *really* love wetbags! We have a couple new options on the way, including zippered totes and hanging pails from Mother of Eden, the geniuses behind our best-selling Fuzzibunz diapers. Mother of Eden's new "In and Out" mess-free diaper bag features a zipper at the bottom -- how genius is that? Maybe not so genius to those of you with toploading machines, gravity helps empty the bag when you shake it over the machine... Have you ever tried to shake dirty diapers out of an elasticized bag? Not fun! The new zippered hanging pail is brilliant! Simply place the entire bag in the machine, and unzip the bottom... no fuss, no muss!

So that's cool, right? What else??? Oh yeah. Wetbags. We have the new Mother of Eden zippered totes coming in, and yeah, it's a zippered tote, and yeah, it's Mother of Eden, so you know it will be well-made, but do you like a little pizzazz? Perhaps a little salt with your vinegar, some sugar with your spice? Well then Planet Wise's new Wet/Dry bag is for you! This bag features a zippered pocket that you can use to store things like, oh, I don't know, a clean diaper and a couple of wipes, or perhaps a pair of babylegs, or maybe even your keys and your bank card. Whatever you can fit in it! This is a great instead-of-the-diaper-bag alternative for toting what you need for a quick trip. These bags come in a variety of whimsical cotton prints, and they feature a snapping handle, so you can hang it from your stroller. Fun and functional, just how we like it!

Accessories aside, we have some new covers coming to us. We've been asked numerous times to stock Thirsties covers, and you may have noticed some new shelving in our stores... well we finally have the room to add more options (you want choice, we've got it!). Thirsties covers have a solid reputation, if you check their reviews at the Diaper Pin, you'll see what we mean. If nothing else, we know you'll love them for their great selection of colors... we all know half the fun of using cloth diapers is the fashion! In a similar vein, we are awaiting our first shipment of Loveybums wool crepe covers. A grandmother came in to the store with one, and I couldn't resist, I had to have it! These covers also come in an array of colors, in fact, they are two-toned, how yummy is that? Good looks aside, they are also a top-rated cover on the Diaper Pin.
We have a few other tricks up our sleeve, but you'll have to check back for more information.
We do love to get product suggstions from our customers, as Ottawa's one-stop diaper shop, seven years strong, we've got the selection and the knowledge to help you succeed with your cloth diapering endeavours. Please keep those suggestions coming!


  1. I'm stoked about the thirties covers! We hav one from a friend and need 2 more covers - I wasn't looking forward to going somewhere else to buy them!:)

    See you soon!

  2. I'm totally waiting to check out the Loveybums! You know me and wool!